Child & Noise

How does the child percieve the sound environment?

Frans Mossberg (red)

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An interdisciplinary symposium was held at Lund University in Sweden in march 2017 arranged by the Sound Environment Center aimed at shedding light on how sound environment affects children, spanning all the way from the prenatal stage to the young person enjoying loud music or engaging in other loud activities. Too seldom the question is asked of how the child percieves the surrounding sound environment. This report from the Child & Noise symposium brings forward answers to this question as well as presents state-of-the-art knowledge of children and the world of sound, music and noise from top researchers in the field.

Preface by Frans Mossberg – The Sound Environent Center at Lund University
Minna Houtilainen
Docent, University of Helsinki and Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study,
Uppsala University
Irene van Kamp
PhD. National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Utrecht,
Mette Sörensen
Senior Scientist at Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen, Denmark
Kerstin Person Waye
prof. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy,
University of Gothenburg
Bridget Shield
prof. em. Acoustics, London South Bank University, Great Britain
Jonas Christenson
Acoustic consultant, Ecophon, St.Gobain, Sweden

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